Amazon AWS SES - Bounce Handling for SendPress Pro

The first thing you need to do is have a verified and working SES domain. Once that is done open the domain details area and look for the Notifications

Click on the "Edit Configuration" button.

Now you can use the "Click here to create new Amazon SNS topic".

Create a new topic that  you will have all notifications post to. Use something that will make it easy for you to remember what the topic is for.

With a Topic created you can now select it to be used for Bounces and Complaints.

Your final notification configuration should like something like this:

Save your settings and then head over to the Amazon SNS management screen. From this screen you will need to select the Topics menu. You should then see the topic you create from with SES. Click on this topic and then you will need to click the Create Subscription button. You will want to select either http or https and add a url like what is below but with your domain.

When you hit create the subscription should auto register and now you are ready to process bounces.


  1. To test that everything is working create a new list in SendPress and add "" as a subscriber. 
  2. Create a test email and send it to that list you created in step one.
  3. Provided everything is working correctly the user with the "" email address should be marked as bounce within about 30 minutes or so.

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