Creating your first Newsletter Template

SendPress introduced templates in version 1.0. This knowledge base article will provide a brief overview of how to get started using the new responsive templates.

  • Log into your WordPress site and go to the Emails tab of SendPress and then click on Templates.
  • The initial release of SendPress templates includes one default template called "Responsive Starter".
  • We recommend that you clone the "Responsive Starter" template before you begin editing.

  • Give the new template a name and click "Save & Next".

  • Now you are editing your new template and you can just styles (but not content). Content can be added by you when you create a Newsletter based on your new template.
  • There are 4 sections that you can edit in the template.
    • Page: this is the outside area (light gray). You can edit the page header HTML and page footer HTML. The page footer HTML is labeled in the image below. The page header HTML would appear above the content header. In the old template this area included the text "Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser", which can now be duplicated using a short code {sp-browser-url}.
    • Content Header:  this area is dark gray in the image below and is labeled. This would typically include a 600 pixel wide banner image, but it could be text. To insert a banner image, use the WordPress media upload and center the image on import. This will correctly create a table and ensure that the image renders properly on all devices.
    • Content:  in the template, you can only style the content, you cannot actually add content as this is done when creating a Newsletter.
    • Content Footer:  this is the light gray area below the content labeled in the image below. Typically, this area could include social media links {sp-social-links} and/or can spam address {canspam}.

  • Once your template is styled the way you would like, you can create a Newsletter the way you always have and choose the new template from the drop-down list.

  • Click save & next and you can add content to your newsletter.

Useful Shortcodes


This shortcode returns HTML: Ex: <a href="">unsubscribe</a>


This shortcode just returns the URL of the manage page. ex:

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