Sending Emails

Connectivity Issues

If you are having a problem sending, try sending a message using the "Send Test Email" option at the bottom of the sending account page.

This will print out debug information if it finds a problem such as ports not open. This works whether you send from your own server, Gmail, or through us. If you find any errors with the send test email option you can contact your hosting provider to see if they will resolve them for you.
Typically, sending from "your website" will require port 25 the open, while sending from Gmail will require that port 465 be open.

Still Not Receiving Email

If all the appropriate ports are open and you still are not receiving email, try sending to an email address outside of the domain that you are hosting on or that you are using to send through Gmail. Many self hosted sites can be configured incorrectly to send email to email addresses where the domain after the "@" symbol matches the URL of the site. For example, if my blog name is called and I am trying to send an email to it may not be delivered properly. Try sending a message to another address not associated with For documentation on configuring your MX records using cPanel, follow this link:

Beware of Spam

The last and most common reason that email does not appear to be received is because it is getting marked as spam. Please double check your spam folder. If the message has left the SendPress Queue then it has been sent.

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